A few statistics about children in Ohio...

  • 22,623 children younger than 17 live in Columbiana County.
  • 27.2% of children younger than 18 live in poverty in Columbiana County.
  • 9,715 children receive food assistance in Columbiana County.
  • 1 in 5 children in Ohio suffer from hunger.
  • 574,376 children in Ohio receive free or reduced lunches at school.
  • 594,000 children in Ohio live in poverty; that's 1 in 4 children.
  • A child is abused or neglected every 15 minutes in the state of Ohio.
  • A child or teen is killed by gunfire in Ohio every 4 days.
  • 12,197 children in Ohio are in the foster care system. Just 1,453 of those children are adopted annually.
  • 45,000 children, ages 12-17, in Ohio abuse drugs and alcohol annually.