Scott Lewis, Founder and Co-Director

Scott Lewis, Founder and Co-Director

Lisa Wallace, Co-Director

Lisa Wallace, Co-Director

Our Goal

The goal of The Brightside Project is to show children that there are caring compassionate adults who want to walk alongside them in their hardest times. We will work with schools, the Children’s Coalition, and other organizations to determine what children need food assistance, personal care items, and an adult mentor. 

Our Vision

We want to purchase a mobile unit that will regularly pull into these children’s schools, neighborhoods, and parks full of loving volunteers who care for our children and want to listen to them. We will distribute the basic needs they need and we will mentor them.

Our Mission

To equip and empower children to reach their full potential.

Our Founder

Scott Lewis is the co-director and founder of The Brightside Project in Northeast Ohio. Before he began The Brightside Project he was the founder and director of another large nonprofit in Youngstown, Ohio, for 12 years. Scott said he started The Brightside Project because many children in community live in poverty and in homes where parents use drugs. He wants our children to know there is a way out of those hard places.


Along with Scott Lewis, Lisa Wallace serves as co-director of The Brightside Project.

Our Board of Directors

William Dawes
Cathy Hofmeister
Sondra O'Donnell
Lew Thompson
Vicki Thompson